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Who can say if I've been changed for the better
I have been changed for good
So today was the funeral of the Palmer Lake Police chief. He committed suicide, so the place wasn't too packed, but it was still a nice ceremony. Afterwards, we went to Tuxedo Junction to get the tuxedos picked out. And WOW they were so nice there! They dressed the manniquinn up in the tuxes we wanted so we could see exactly what everything would look like. We paid 87.07 per tux since I bought my dress with their sister company. And it helped that I needed 15. I went to Al's Formal and they wanted so much it was rediculious. So that's one more thing finished on our list. 

My FMIL is driving me crazy. She wants to get the invites now and order them. They wedding isn't until October. It's way to early. I'm putting my foot down on this one. We're waiting to order for at least a few more months. 

I just wish I could have money for school now. I'm beginning to get really worried about it... 

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I've decided that I have to do it. It's a place to vent and to just my feelings out. I've been posting to wedding groups, but I know there are other focuses in my life. Like work. I love my job, most days. But it gets SO boring. We don't do anything for hours. And my boss gets mad when we bring things to do. It's not like she's giving us projects or anything. We sit there. That's it.

All Day LONG!

So I work on my novel. And she gets mad when she hears me typing. What else am I suppose to do? She's a fickle woman. I'm over it. 

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Icontest for: disney_100
Started on: March 28th, 2007
Claimed: The Little Mermaid Ariel

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Ok, I'm about to be 50 odd dollars poorer.

I just was a trailer for Kingdom Hearts 2.

Holy Fuck... it was amazing.... I can't even describe how awesome it was. I can't wait to play it. Too bad it comes out while I'm in the hospital...

Cincinnati is this week, and I'm not really looking forward to it.

And I'm looking into an apartment.

And can I say how much I love Brandon.

And how much I want to marry him?

Sounds odd, I know, but it's true. I can picture spending the rest of my life with him. And as long as he doesn't mind a REALLY LONG engagement, it could work. I want to at least get into law school and finish my 1st year before I marry...

I mean I still have my dreams...

Even if they now included the perfect man in them as well.

And Disney on Ice? TOP NIGHT!

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I'm so ready to get the hell out of my house.

I'm sick of my mother.

To me, she seems ungrateful for everything I'VE done for her over the years.

I want out.

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For the first time in the whole time I've known him, I'm terrified to lose Brandon.

He went to the memorial for the sherif of was shot today. Then he came over, looking for support That I gladly gave.

And it was then that I realized he hasn't picked the safest career. But I have no intention of ever telling him to give it up. It's his dream, and I'd be crushed if he gave it up for me. We both haven't chosen the best future careers. But I worry about him. He's actually putting his life on the line everytime he gets a call.

I know Greg and the rest of the guys will watch out for him, but I'm still freaked out by it. I don't think I can lose him. He means too much to me right now...
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Come join mssrmwpp Up To No Good.

Ever wonder how Lily and James got together? Enjoy the Marauders era? Don't hesitate! Join Today! Many characters open!

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Alright, for all of you that requested a sequel to Theatre, here it is. I’ve decided to make it a fun series and it will kind of be like a song fic, since they are in a musical.

Read through (# 55 Panic)

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You know, Colorado might not be my favorite state, but it does have it's perks

Snow days

yes that's right Arizona never had one. But here we get 2 hour delays.

Meaning I can sleep in


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